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About Rocky Point Fitness Kickboxing in Rocky Point, NY

Welcome to Rocky Point Kickboxing! Our fitness center is truly one of a kind, as it is the premier kickboxing center in Rocky Point that’s for women only! RP Kickboxing is not only a world class kickboxing and fitness center; it’s also a world class, unique experience.

Our amazing staff has dedicated their professional lives to helping women achieve personal breakthroughs and personal bests… and have built an outstanding reputation as a result.

The techniques in our high-energy classes will empower you by challenging your body, opening your mind and inspiring your spirit.

Most workout routines can improve cardiovascular performance and muscle tone, increase strength and flexibility, lower stress and help you lose weight. But kickboxing at our center gives you a lot more additional benefits you won¹t find with most other exercise programs.

Kickboxing helps release stress and aggression in a positive way. The surge of confidence that comes after every new punch combination you master and every new jump rope goal you achieve is followed by an emotional high that lasts for days, weeks, maybe even for the rest of your life when those endorphins kick in.

RP Kickboxing is a fast paced, high intensity workout that’s specifically designed to EMPOWER women in real life situations… and even unexpected situations that could potentially be dangerous. Students get in the best shape of their lives and become stronger and more grounded when they’re in tune with how their body works.

Our programs are fun, challenging, and inspiring. They appeal to females from all walks of life; all shapes, sizes, and personalities; and all levels of fitness… in a very welcoming environment.

Beginners Welcome & Encouraged! You’ll have a lot of FUN with your female comrades as you learn about physical fitness, get in tune with your body, mind and spirit and use your body in the most efficient way possible.

Every trainer is highly skilled, upbeat and positive! They take a well-planned approach to teaching beginners that focuses on the basics of kickboxing, fitness and self-defense while having a blast in every class! 

At RP Kickboxing, you’ll get in the BEST shape of your life! But we don’t just want you to lose pounds and inches. We want to provide an environment where you feel comfortable and can be yourself, make new friends with common interests and leave every class feeling like you got a fabulous workout while gaining tremendous strength and confidence.

Fitness kickboxing is an EXCELLENT way to de-stress and connect with your body, mind and spirit for optimal health and fitness. You’ll experience…

  • Incredible weight loss and fitness gains
  • A stronger, leaner body
  • Greater flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Tremendous focus and confidence
  • Goal setting, follow through skills & achievements

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You'll find a strong community of POSITIVE, inspiring females who want to improve their health and fitness, tap into their full strength and personal power, and be the best that they can be. Our students set high goals for themselves, push past their limiting beliefs and together, we celebrate victories big and small.

Our dedicated team of caring instructors goes above and beyond the call of duty and makes every class fun, engaging, and effective. They love what they do and it shows. Your goals are our goals and we won’t stop till they’re met.

Get ready to watch your whole life change in so many AMAZING ways! We can’t wait to inspire you to greatness, optimal fitness and empowerment. See you soon!

How to Get Started

Come join our Rocky Point, NY Kickboxing facility! We offer programs in Fitness Kickboxing. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (631) 821-4812 if you have any further questions. Rocky Point Fitness Kickboxing hopes to speak with you soon!

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