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Ed Turney

About Shaolin KungFu & Fitness in Rocky Point, NY

Meet Ed Turney

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Shaolin KungFu & Fitness in Rocky Point
Black Sash

Ed Turney started his martial arts journey at the age of 9. His Sifu was a close friend of his family and when he decided to open his own Shaolin school, Ed was one of the first kids in the program

Shaolin Martial Arts soon became his primary focus and he has been training diligently with the same Sifu to this day. As a young competitor, Ed became very accomplished on the local and national tournament circuit. Over the years, he has collected over 40 first place finishes in various tournaments and competitions.

Being taught that Martial Arts is more about helping others than it is about fighting.

Ed became very active in charitable work at a young age. This work ultimately led him to align with the charitable organization Love 146. This is a heroic charity that helps to battle against child trafficking and exploitation worldwide. Many of the programs and classes at Shaolin KungFu & Fitness directly benefit this righteous cause.

Inspired by his teachers and training brothers before him, Ed has pursued and accomplished multiple certifications in East Asian medicine and culture. Among them include: a three-year Medical Qigong certification, a three-year Classical Chinese Literary certification, a KyoJung physical manipulation certification, a Chinese Tui-Na certification, along with several personal training certifications.

It is his goal to carry on the true traditions of Shaolin training by effusing the philosophical, medical, and martial practices together to create the most well rounded students.

Adopting a favorite principle from his Sifu, “The knowledge of violence and the practice of non-violence together is what fosters peace”, Ed and his instructors work hard each and every day to keep the Shaolin Martial Arts traditions alive and well in the modern day.

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